Legoland bursting at seams

Lucie Rychla
July 20th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Amusement park had to temporarily turn away visitors after reaching full capacity

Legoland in Billund had to turn away visitors yesterday afternoon, when the popular amusement park reached its maximum capacity.

It happened only for the second time in the park’s 48-year-long history.

The park had to be closed down for safety reasons, explained Christian Woller, the head of Legoland.

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Woller noted that no special events were taking place at the park yesterday and that the huge turnout was mostly down to the good weather.

“It’s a high season and I think it happened because both the Danes and many tourists are now on vacation,” Woller told DR.

Last time Legoland had to turn away visitors was in 2012 in connection with a concert where, among others, Rasmus Seebach, the popular Danish singer, performed.


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