Danish law student’s killer sentenced to 20 years and fined 33 camels

Ben Hamilton
August 2nd, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Court in Somalialand makes bizarre judgment following hastily held trial

At outpouring of grief followed by the 2012 stabbing (archive photo/photo: Jonas Nils Meilvang)

A Somali man has today been found guilty of murdering 21-year-old law student Jonas Sekyere in a Kødbyen nightclub in November 2012.

A court in Somalialand, an autonomous region of Somalia, sentenced Omer Hassan Sheik Muse to 20 years in prison and – rather bizarrely – ordered him to pay 33 camels to the victim’s family.

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Two years in prison
Muse, 31, fled to Somalialand shortly after the murder and was then arrested there in 2014 for the crime following a tip-off to the Somalialand authorities from Danish journalists.

However, numerous attempts to extradite Muse failed, and it is believed his court case was brief and included little to no evidence.

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Shocked a community
The stabbing of Sekyere at the Bakken nightclub shocked the Copenhagen nightclub community, and over a thousand people attended his memorial in Kødbyen.

At the time, Pelle Peter Jensen, a DJ and the co-arranger of the memorial, summed up the mood when he said: “The attack against Jonas was an attack against everyone.”


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