Copenhagen in a galaxy far, far away

Christian Wenande
August 18th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

New PlayStation epic has give two capital landmarks a more lunar legacy

Dronning Louises Bridge – a final frontier? (photo: PlatStation)

If you’ve wondered how the Danish capital might look if it was situated on a planet in some distant galaxy, then here’s your chance.

PlayStation has just released a series of images depicting Copenhagen and some other Nordic cities as if they were on some foreign planets as part of the new sci-fi game ‘No Man’s Sky’.

The two images of Copenhagen shows Knippelsbro Bridge and Dronning Louises Bridge with a backdrop of spacey atmospheres with mystical colourful tones and foreign planets dominating the horizon.

Other images depict Nordic cities such as Malmö and Örebro in Sweden, Helsinki in Finland and Olso in Norway. They can be downloaded here.

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Infinity and beyond
‘No Man’s Sky’ was released on August 10 and is one of the larger game releases of the year by PlayStation.

In the game, players can visit no less than 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 unique planets that are automatically generated, making the game among the largest in history.

All the planets have their own fauna and flora and there is much to see as players explore and battle for survival as virtual space crusaders.

Knippelsbro Bridge (photo: PlayStation)

Knippelsbro Bridge (photo: PlayStation)


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