Danish island hit by rabbit plague

September 8th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Dead rabbits everywhere, say locals

These guys are having a rough time on Fanø these days (photo: skeeze)

The tiny Danish island of Fanø has been hit by a deadly rabbit plague.

Locals and tourists alike are encountering dead rabbits all across the island, according to JydskeVestkysten.

A local veterinarian, Bente Østergaard Nielsen, predicts that up to 25,000 of the island’s 30,000 rabbits will die from the disease within the next year.

Too many rabbits
The reason for the rapid spread and high mortality rate among the animals is that the stock right now is greater than ever. When the stock becomes too large, the disease is easier to spread because the animals live so close together.

The disease is extremely contagious and can affect domestic rabbits that have not been vaccinated, but it is harmless to humans and other animals.

Dead rabbit run
Søren Vinding, the president of the Fanø Nature Association, said that the number of dead rabbits is growing daily.

“There are dead rabbits everywhere,” Vinding told TV2 News.

“There are 10 to 15 dead rabbits right now on the 300-metre road to our summerhouse.”


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