Unique Danish national treasure burns

October 25th, 2016

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Denmark lost one of it few remaining gas lights over the weekend

One of the few gas lamps left in Denmark burned over the weekend (photo: Beredskab Øst)

Denmark has become one gas lamp poorer, after a fire on Friday destroyed one of the few remaining in circulation.

Fabritius Allé in Klampenborg north of Copenhagen is the only place in Denmark that is still illuminated by gas street lamps.

“There was a fire in the lamp,” Rasmus Storgaard, the head of Beredskab Øst, told Ekstra Bladet. “We do not know what happened, but the lamp was fully engulfed when we arrived.

 A piece of the past lost
The fire department was quick to the scene, but the light was too far gone. According to Gentofte Municipality, there were 11 gas lamps on Fabritius Allé. Now there are only ten.

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Gas-lamp lighting was established on Fabritius Allé in 1924. By 1957, there were 2,000 gas lamps in Gentofte, and 5,000 in Copenhagen. Along with the ten now left in Gentofte, there are two at the Bymuseet in Copenhagen.


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