Copenhagen to get its own diving wreck

Lucie Rychla
December 6th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Nordea’s initiative aims at inspiring more people to discover marine wildlife

The Danish capital will get a new underwater attraction for leisure divers – a 20-metre long concrete barge that will be immersed into the sea about 100 metres off the piers in Nordhavn.

The wreck has been specially designed for safe diving and will act as an artificial reef in Øresund Strait.

The project cost a total of one million kroner and was financed by the Nordea Foundation.

“Just like the harbour bath [in Islands Brygge] has encouraged more people to swim in the city harbour, we are confident this initiative will inspire and motivate more people to try scuba diving and discover the fascinating nature under the sea,” stated Henrik Lehman Andersen, the CEO of Nordea Foundation.

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Divers will be able to explore the exciting space inside the wreck as each room is constructed differently.

“We designed the barge to make it impossible to get lost with a maximum of three metres always existing to the nearest exit,” explained the project manager and marine biologist, Johan Wedel Nielsen.

The barge will be lowered four metres under the sea level and it is expected it will quickly become overgrown with seaweed and mussels and attract sea wildlife.

The barge will be transported to the location on Sunday, December 11 and immersed into the seawater at 12:00.


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