Danes show improving PISA results

Christian Wenande
December 6th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Danish results better in all three categories as OECD average is reached and surpassed

Are the Danes becoming more studious? (photo: Pixabay)

For the first time, Danish school students have been ranked above the OECD average for maths, science and reading according to the most recent PISA test results.

Since the last PISA results in 2012, the Danish results have improved in all three categories, and out of 35 OECD nations, Denmark ranked seventh for maths, 15th for science and 15th for reading.

“I have to commend the teachers, particularly the maths teachers, who have managed to lift the students considerably,” said the education minister, Merete Riisager.

Riisager went on to contend that while the PISA results were encouraging, the test was just one of many tools that provide an overall insight into how Danish schools are progressing.

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Singapore finished top in all three categories in the 2015 Pisa test (here in English).

Looking promising
The PISA test measures the capabilities of 15-year-old students in 72 countries (35 OECD) and economies and is published every three years.

The test is used with other international tests, such as TIMSS and PIRLS, to evaluate the level of Danish students.

TIMSS 2015 revealed that Danish fourth-graders were among the best for maths and science, while PIRLS 20111 indicated a similar showing for reading.


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