Storm halts Dane’s bid to scale Everest

Christian Wenande
May 23rd, 2017

This article is more than 6 years old.

Rasmus Kragh tired, but in good health

Mountaineer Rasmus Kragh has been thwarted in his bid to become the first Dane to successfully reach the summit of Everest on his own without the use of oxygen.

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On Kragh’s Facebook page it was revealed he was forced to turn back just 250 metres from Everest’s summit due to adverse weather conditions.

Some 14 hours ago, Kragh wrote: “Here’s a short message from the mountain. Had to turn back 250 metres from the top due to a storm. It was a difficult decision, but the only correct one. I’ll send an update later, but right now my focus is getting down safely.”

READ MORE: Solo Danish climber halted in bid to scale Everest without oxygen

Not this season
A later update revealed that Kragh had descended to about 7,700 metres, where he will remain until the weather clears and he can climb down to the Advanced Basecamp.

According to the leader of another expedition, Kragh “sounds healthy and normal to me, besides being tired of course”.

With the current Everest season about to end, it looks like Kragh will have to wait a little bit longer to join the exclusive club of solo ascents without oxygen.

Just nine people have reached the top of Everest alone without oxygen.

In total, 17 Danes have scaled Everest since Michael Knakkergaard Jørgensen accomplished the feat in 1995, and no Dane has been up there since 2014.

You can keep tabs on Kragh’s movements on his Facebook page here (in Danish).


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