Stop-and-search zones imposed in Aarhus

Stephen Gadd
June 26th, 2017

This article is more than 6 years old.

Police are taking drastic measures to de-escalate the gang violence in Aarhus

The police hope that incidents like that on Saturday in Bazar Vest will be a thing of the past (photo: Ratoncito Perez)

The police in Aarhus have decided to set up stop-and-search zones in the city in the wake of the increasing number of gang-related shootings taking place.

The zones – which stretch across a number of square kilometres covering the areas of Brabrand, Grimhøj and Skjoldhøj and into Åbyhøj – came into force at 19:00 on Sunday June 25 and will remain in effect until July 24.

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The measures are part of a drive by the police in which they hope to remove guns and other weapons from the conflict between rival gangs,  TV2 Nyheder reports.

Now within the zones, police are able to stop and search people as well as vehicles if they look suspicious.

Going for their guns
On Saturday, shots were fired at Bazar Vest in Brabrand, and on Sunday, a man was hurt in a stabbing incident, although the police are not yet entirely sure that the incidents are connected.

“Until further notice, we think the incidents could be connected. And it is also the right signal to send that we are going out to confiscate weapons,” said Klaus Arboe Rasmsusen from East Jutland Police.

“We want all weapons out of the western part of Aarhus.”

Preventing young involvement
At the same time, the municipality will focus on preventing gangs recruiting young people.

“We know that these gangs are completely ruthless and operate with almost unbelievable brutality,” said Jacob Bundsgaard, the mayor of Aarhus.

“They are pulling really young people of 13, 14 and 15 into the conflict as sentinels and bribing them with mobile phones, iPads and money.”


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