Out and About: SceneKunst checking out for the year with chums and Chekhov

SceneKunst has completed another great year with a selection of Christmas concerts performed at Musikteater Albertslund by its various schools located in Lyngby, Roskilde, Sydyksten, Hellerup and Østerbro.

Among the highlights was a concert performed by the international school alongside the Danish schools from Hellerup on December 3: an extravaganza of singing and dancing with standout solo performances throughout from its young performers.

A week later the focus switched to drama, and specifically ‘Three Sisters’ by Chekhov (centre right) – a choice, explained co-founder Russell Collins, that took the SceneKunst students outside their comfort zone of musicals. And they rose to the challenge admirably.

“We switched to candlelight for our late performances and it really seemed to evoke spirits from the past and take the actors back in time, which noticeably improved their performances,” said Collins.

“Chekhov would have been proud and also my old drama school principal, Sam Kogan, who came from the Moscow Arts Theatre.”

SceneKunst, which is celebrating its ten-year anniversary next year, is opening a new international school in Østerbro on January 13.

On the same day it is holding free trial days at all its schools. Find out more at scenekunstskoler.dk and book a place via info@scenekunstskoler.dk.

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