Denmark’s coronavirus death count jumps to 65 

PM doesn’t expect Denmark to remain in lockdown for several months … if the Danes follow the guidelines

According to the latest figures from the State Serum Institute, the number of coronavirus-related deaths in Denmark has increased to 65 – up from 52 yesterday. 

The figures also revealed that 459 people were admitted to hospital and 121 were in intensive care wards – 104 in respirators 

There have now been 2,201 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Denmark, up from 2,046 on Friday. Elsewhere, the US soared ahead in the confirmed cases count and surpassed 105,000 today.

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Testing capacity up
Close to 19,000 Danes have been tested so far and the health authority Sundhedsstyrelsen hopes to be able to increase its daily testing capacity to 5,000. 

Sundhedsstyrelsen estimates that 580,000 Danes – about 10 percent of the entire population – will be infected with the virus during the first wave this spring. 

Out of that percentage, 11,200 Danes are expected to require hospitalisation and a further 2,800 will need intensive care treatment. 

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Won’t last months
Meanwhile, the PM Mette Frederiksen wrote in a Facebook post today that she didn’t expect Denmark to remain in its current state of lockdown for several months more. 

She said that in the scenario she believes the most in, Denmark will be able to open up in the not too distant future. 

But it all depends on the Danes keeping distance from one another and washing hands, Frederiksen wrote.