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Terror attack averted in Copenhagen 

News emerged following a considerable anti-terror operation by the police in the Danish capital today

According to Copenhagen Police, a terror attack was averted in the Danish capital today. 

Jørgen Bergen Skov, a police inspector with Copenhagen Police, revealed that the Danish intelligence agency PET has arrested an individual in an undisclosed area of the city. 

The police stated that the person has been motivated by a militant Islamic perspective and had attempted to procure weapons and munitions. 

The police did not convey who or what the possible target might have been. 

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Faces questioning tomorrow
It was also not revealed how imminent the attack was, but Skov left no doubt that the 
co-ordinated efforts of Copenhagen Police and PET had scuppered the attack. 

Check out the press conference with the police in the video below (in Danish and poor sound quality) 

The person arrested will be brought before Copenhagen Court tomorrow for questioning. 

PM Mette Frederiksen said that the incident confirms that there are still “dark powers” in Denmark that bear ill will towards the country.