Three more virus cases from Black Lives Matter demo

There is also an increase in cases in relation to a June 6 flight from Pakistan to Copenhagen

Three more people who took part in the Black Lives Matter demonstration in Copenhagen on June 7 have tested positive for the coronavirus, according to the patient safety board.

The announcement comes after the government last week urged everyone who attended the event to get tested following the first infection. There are now four known coronavirus cases from the protest.

“We are working hard to stop all the infection chains so that the virus does not spread further. In all cases, the infection detection work continues every time a new person related to a specific event tests positive,” said Anette Lykke Petri, the acting head of the board.

More cases from Pakistan flight
About 15,000 people took part in the protest in the capital against racial injustice. The detection of a coronavirus case from the event prompted a debate on whether the 50-person assembly ban should apply to demonstrations. Currently, they are exempted because the Danish Constitution allows people to exercise their right to stage political protests.

The number of cases has also risen in relation to a June 6 flight from Pakistan to Copenhagen. From 18 known infections last week, there are now 22 people who tested positive for the virus.

Four were close contacts of the other 18 who were aboard the aircraft. The flight had 318 people on board.

It is unclear if all of the infected persons from the Pakistan flight are still in Denmark.

The recent mini-outbreaks of the coronavirus have taken place during the gradual reopening of society following a lockdown imposed in mid-March.