New coronavirus cases emerge from Pakistan flight, Black Lives Matter demo

A total of 29 new cases now connected to flight from Islamabad  to Copenhagen on June 6

The Patient Safety Authority has revealed that there are now 29 coronavirus cases connected to a flight that arrived in Copenhagen earlier this month.

So far, 21 passengers on flight PK8771, which arrived at Copenhagen Airport from Islamabad on June 6, have been infected as well as eight close contacts.

Anette Lykke Petri, the head of the Patient Safety Authority, underlined that not all those were necessarily infected due to the flight.

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12 cases from BLM demo
In other coronavirus news, a total of 12 cases have been reported in individuals who attended the big Black Lives Matter demonstration in Copenhagen on June 7.

Petri said that ten new patients had informed that they had been part of the demonstration. However, it is difficult to ascertain whether they had all been infected during the demonstration itself, she added.

She urged the public to continue following the pandemic guidelines alongside exercising social distancing and hygiene measures.