Denmark to get a migration ambassador 

Seasoned diplomat Anders Tang Friborg to help establish receiving centres outside the EU to reduce the incentive to seek asylum in Denmark

The Foreign Ministry has announced that veteran diplomat Anders Tang Friborg has been appointed as the newly-established Danish migration ambassador.

Among other tasks, Friborg will work towards the establishment of receiving centres outside the EU in a bid to reduce the incentive to seek asylum in Denmark.

To this end, Friborg will act as a special envoy who will open doors in the EU and beyond in regards to promoting the government’s ideas on asylum and migration issues.

“The current international asylum system is inhumane, unfair and untenable,” said the foreign minister, Jeppe Kofod.

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Grizzled veteran
Kofod said that helping migrants in their own regions would be a big step towards curbing the number of people embarking upon the dangerous journey to Europe.

“We want a system that tackles the problem of cynical human traffickers earning immense sums while children, women and men are abused along migration routes or drown in the Mediterranean,” he said.

Friborg has held key positions during his career in diplomacy, including in the Foreign Ministry and the UN, as well as head of Denmark’s representation in Palestine.