Police closing the 112 emergency app 

Christian Wenande
September 24th, 2020

This article is more than 3 years old.

Available since 2013, new and more precise AML technology has rendered the free app obsolete 

Since 2013, people in Denmark have been able to download the 112 emergency app to help emergency response units locate those in need of help by using smartphone GPS co-ordinates.

However, it is no longer possible to download the app and, from 1 January 2021, the app will close down completely.

Citizens are urged to delete the 112 app from their phone on January 1, and if they have a phone that supports the Advanced Mobile Location (AML) service, they can delete it immediately.

“AML is a newer and more precise tool compared to the 112 app, and as opposed to the app, it is activated automatically when the 112 number is called,” said Lena Dyhr Toft Christensen, a State Police spokesperson.

“AML has proven to be very reliable and more precise than the 112 app, and that translates into quicker assistance and fewer mistakes by emergency responders.”

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Won’t work on older iPhones
AML is installed on Android and iOS smartphones – two systems that are estimated to make up 98 percent of mobile phones on the Danish market.

Android phones have had the AML function installed by default since the 4.0 versions were launched in 2011. 

Meanwhile, iOS phones must be updated with the 13.3 update (launched in 2019) for it to work – it is only operational via the iPhone 6S or newer iPhone variants. AML won’t work on older iOS smartphones. 


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