Half a billion helping hands for Danish exports

Luke Roberts
October 9th, 2020

This article is more than 3 years old.

A total of 27 new initiatives have been agreed to prop up Danish exports through the coronavirus crisis

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in central Copenhagen (photo: Pbn-dk)

A parliamentary majority has backed government plans to boost Danish exports through the coronavirus pandemic and into its recovery.

The agreement amounts to 485 million kroner worth of initiatives.

The forum in charge, alongside eight ‘restart teams’, submitted a list of recommendations in mid-September. It on these that the new initiatives are based.

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Four key areas
“Exports must increase, business travellers must be able to travel more easily, and the needs of companies must be fully considered … today’s agreement is an important step on that road,” said the foreign minister, Jeppe Kofod.

Four areas in particular have been targeted by the plans: improved access to business travel, increased international marketing, e-commerce and digital transformation solutions, and ‘green restart’ initiatives.

“In Denmark, our companies are extremely skilled at exporting both products and services but also green ideas, and we must make sure we safeguard this, even while the coronavirus crisis rages all over the world,” said Simon Kollerup, the minister of trade and industry.

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Strong support 
The restart package enjoyed strong cross-party support, with the majority of parties united in their desire to see Danish industries supported financially through the pandemic.

From Venstre, Torsten Schack Peder and Anni Matthiesen signalled their support for a package that would help secure a sector that supports over 800,000 Danish jobs.

Similarly, Katrine Robsøe from Radikale voiced her support for initiatives that pushed for increased digitisation for smaller businesses as well as the green focus.

Among the Socialistisk Folkeparti ranks, however, there was some minor disappointment that the green initiatives had not gone as far as they would have liked.


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