Copenhagen mayor apologises after latest MeToo revelations

Just days after the Morten Østergaard saga, Frank Jensen has been accused of sexually harassing a young woman in a bar in 2012

Last week, Morten Østergaard became the first big name in Danish politics to fall after he resigned as head of the Radikale party following an incident nine years ago. 

Now, Copenhagen Mayor Frank Jensen has apologised as two women have come forward to reveal that he inappropriately touched them in 2012 and 2017.

One incident allegedly involved Jensen putting his hand on the woman’s leg before trying to slide it up under her skirt. 

“Jyllands-Posten [newspaper] published a story today regarding transgressive behaviour by myself. I write to you now to say that I am terribly sorry that there have been episodes during which women have felt violated by my behaviour,” Jensen wrote on Facebook.

“There has been an unhealthy culture in, among others, many political environments. And I’ve been a part of that.”

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Christmas party = kryptonite
It’s not the first time Jensen has hit the front pages for inappropriate behaviour towards women.

In 2004, an article in Se og Hør tabloid detailed how a woman was forced to remove his hands from her legs three times during a Christmas party.

And in 2011, Ekstra Bladet tabloid ran a story regarding Jensen licking a woman’s ear and grabbing at women on the dancefloor during another Christmas party.