Copenhagen to lift one-direction restriction around City Lakes

Local politicians expect a decline in the number of people using outdoor areas in the capital as winter sets in

Despite the number of COVID-19 cases increasing in Copenhagen recently, local politicians have decided to lift the one-direction restrictions that are in place in several areas of the city.

The one-way regulations will be lifted for the five City Lakes, as well as for Damhussøen and Christianshavns Vold.

Additionally, the cycling ban at Amager Strandpark will also be axed.

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Waterfront zones gone
According to a note that KøbenhavnLIV has come into possession of, the move comes as a result of City Hall expecting a decline in the number of people using outdoor areas with the onset of winter.

And as a result, the marked restriction zones on the wooden decks at the waterfront areas of Sandkaj, Krøyers Plads and Bølgenog on Islands Brygge will be removed.

The ongoing practice of chalk-marking the green part of Havneparken will also be stopped.