Party wants to print Mohammed Cartoons in Danish newspapers

Nye Borgerlige head Pernille Vermund said there is no room for compromise when the freedom of speech is on the line

Earlier this month, the French school teacher Samuel Paty was murdered after he had shown the Mohammed Cartoons – famously printed in Jyllands-Posten newspaper in 2005 – to his students.

And then yesterday, three people were killed in the Notre Dame church in Nice in a vicious response to President Emmanuel Macron’s vocal support of satire magazine Charlie Hebdo’s depictions of the Muslim prophet Mohammed. 

Hours after the Nice attack, Nye Borgerlige head Pernille Vermund said she intends to take out ads in Danish newspapers to once again print the famous Mohammed cartoons as an act of solidarity with those killed.

“In co-operation with Charlie Hebdo, we will reprint the drawings of Mohammed that Samuel Paty used in his teaching in Danish newspapers,” Vermund wrote on Facebook.

“We need to show that we are prepared to defend ourselves – those values we believe in, which we will pass on to our children, and that we have built our society on. There is no room for compromise!”

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Support Samuel Paty
Vermund said that she did not fear the consequences of printing ads bearing the Mohammed cartoons, but rather feared not printing them.

Her statement is part of a new Nye Borgerlige campaign ‘Support Samuel Paty – fight for freedom’, which the party will launch in the near future.

Part of that campaign will involve raising money to pay for the ads being reprinted in the newspapers.