Minister hanging by a thread as mink scandal intensifies

Christian Wenande
November 11th, 2020

This article is more than 4 years old.

Parties calls for Mogens Jensen to resign for ‘illegally’ pushing through decimation of Denmark’s mink sector

The Mette Frederiksen-led government has attracted much praise in Denmark and abroad for its handling of the Coronavirus Crisis.

But the compliments have transformed into heavy criticism due to the government’s decision to put down the country’s entire mink population over farm-related coronavirus mutation fears.

It’s reached the point at which several parties, including Dansk Folkeparti and Venstre, have called for the food minister, Mogens Jensen, to resign after the government was forced to admit that the mink culling had no legal basis.

Even local politicians from Jensen’s own party, Socialdemokratiet, have called for his resignation.

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Clinging on, for now
So far, however, Jensen has maintained that he has no intention of resigning and Frederiksen said yesterday that she still has faith in the minister.

The government has apologised for the mistake, but contended that it needed to act swiftly to contain the potential mutation situation from developing.

“We made a mistake. That’s obvious and it has been underlined by the parties in Parliament,” said Jensen.

Jensen is due to be questioned over his actions in Parliament today at 13:00.


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