Majority of Danes using facemasks incorrectly

New survey reveals that about 60 percent of respondents said they reused disposable ones

The Danes are generally pretty good at adhering to authority guidelines when it comes to COVID-19.

However, when it comes to wearing facemasks, there is still room for improvement.

A new Megafon survey compiled on behalf of TV2 News has revealed that 59 percent of respondents said they reuse disposable facemasks. 

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A bit too lax
The authorities recommend disposable face masks being discarded in the rubbish immediately after a one-time use.

If you’ve only briefly used it, you can store it in a protected space (like a plastic bag) before putting it in your pocket.

And yet 36 percent said they throw their disposable face masks away after using it for the entire day, while 23 percent only dispose of it after using it for a few days.

The use of facemasks has been obligatory on Danish public transport since August 15, and it has since been expanded to include shops, cafes, restaurants and other areas with public access in September.