By the hammer of Thor! Immense interest in Danish wind farm project

Six companies have pre-qualified to build what is to become the biggest wind farm in Denmark’s history

Last week it emerged that Denmark’s biggest offshore wind farm, Kriegers Flak, was ready to begin providing Denmark with green energy.

But Kriegers Flak won’t hold its ‘biggest’ distinction for too many years.

That’s because plans are afoot to establish an even bigger wind farm – aptly named Thor Offshore Wind Farm after the hammer-wielding Norse god of storms, thunder and lightning.

Located in the North Sea off the coast of Thorsminde, the Thor has already attracted plenty of interest from firms looking to help build it.

The energy agency Energistyrelsen has pre-approved the applications of six firms to take part in the tender.

These include Danish giant Ørsted and Swedish outfit Vattenfall – the latter being the firm that established Kriegers Flak.

“It is a strong set of players that has applied to be prequalified to bid for building Thor Offshore Wind Farm,” said Janni Torp Kjærgaard, the deputy head of Energistyrelsen.

“This confirms that Denmark remains an attractive country when it comes to investments in offshore wind. Furthermore, the great interest is crucial for a cost-effective green transition.” 

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Running full steam by 2027
It is expected that Thor will produce a least 800-1,000 MW of electricity to power around 800,000 homes.

In comparison, it is estimated that Kriegers Flak will produce around 600 MW and thus be able to supply green energy to 600,000 homes.

The tender for Thor is due to be completed  sometime in 2021 and the winner is expected to be revealed by the end of the year.

The wind farm is expected to cost around 15.5 billion kroner and be fully operational by the end of 2027.

Read more about the project here (in English).