Spring is in the air: First stork lands in Denmark

Christian Wenande
March 8th, 2021

This article is more than 2 years old.

TV SYD has set up cameras so enthusiasts can watch the bird live 

Coming to you live from Smedager (photo: screenshot/TV SYD)

In old Danish folklore, the stork was seen as a good luck charm that signalled the arrival of spring.

Well, spring must indeed be on our doorstep then because the first stork of 2021 has landed in Denmark.

Yesterday, one of the big birds landed in a stork nest in Smedager near Aabenraa.

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Have a gander 
According to TV SYD, the arrival is about a week earlier than last year, when the first stork landed on March 15.

TV SYD has set up cameras by the nest so the public can watch the stork live. That link is here.

It is still unknown whether the stork will stick around – the next few days will tell.


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