Record low number of bicycles reported stolen in 2020

The 40,642 bicycles pinched last year is over 40 percent lower than just a decade ago

Back in 1995 almost 120,000 bicycles were reported stolen across Denmark – a record high that stands today. 

But last year another record was set, and it’s one the country can be a little more proud of, according to figures from Danmarks Statistik.

In 2020 the police registered 40,642 bicycle thefts nationwide, which is a record low and a 43 percent drop compared to just a decade ago.

Every region in the country reported a decline, and it was also a 12 percent decrease compared to 2019.

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Few thieves punished
The region that enjoyed the biggest drop was west and south Zealand, which saw a decrease of 65 percent compared to 2010. 

West Jutland came second with a 60 percent drop compared to 2010.

Copenhagen and the capital region, where 54 percent of all stolen bikes in Denmark are reported, also saw falls of 25 and 32 percent respectively.

The bad news is that very few bicycle thefts actually lead to any kind of prosecution. 

Just 1.5 percent of the thefts led to charges being brought against someone.