Denmark among top in Europe for sick pay – report

The Compensation Experts ranked the Danes fourth overall thanks in part to a high minimum percentage of wage that can be paid out

The topic of sick pay has certainly not become any less relevant with the COVID-19 pandemic gripping the world over the past year.

And according to The Compensation Experts – a firm that assists people with compensation claims – Denmark is among the best in Europe when it comes to being paid for missing work through illness.

Denmark ranked fourth overall, behind top dogs Iceland, Norway and Luxembourg. All four countries provide sick workers with a high percentage of their salary.

“Northern European nations Norway and Denmark also offer acclaimed sick pay entitlement; each provides nationals with 100 percent of their salary, with the Norwegian government covering a worker for up to a year, and Danes covered for up to 22 weeks within a nine-month period,” the report found.

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British isles struggle
Analysing sick pay packages across every European nation, The Compensation Experts ranked each according to their respective minimum and maximum pay and the timeframe for which an employee is entitled to claim.

Austria, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Monaco and Montenegro completed the top 10.

Other notables included Belgium (12), Sweden (17), the Netherlands (19), Spain (28), Russia (33), Italy (36) and France (37).

At the undesirable end of the spectrum, Malta ranked last, preceded by Ireland, the UK, Ukraine and Slovakia.

Read the entire report here (in English) or check out the ranking below.

(photo: The Compensation Experts)