More families in Denmark getting a second car

The good news is that car number two is often a green vehicle, according to figures from the Tax Ministry

According to new figures from the Tax Ministry, more and more families in Denmark are getting a second car – and it’s often a more environmentally friendly option.

In 2015, about 400,000 families owned more than one car – a figure that has increased to 500,000 in 2020 (see chart below). And 25 percent of families who purchased a second car in 2020 went with a green car.

“As we have more funds at our disposal, many families are choosing to make their everyday life easier by buying an additional car,” said the tax minister, Morten Bødskov. 

“We want to encourage more green cars on the roads, so I’m pleased that more families are actually picking a green option for their second vehicle.”

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2021 should be even better
Even better news is that the figures don’t even cover the period after the government’s green road agreement from December 2020, when the registration system was changed to make it more attractive to purchase green cars.

So the government expects the share of green car purchases to further increase in 2021.

Read the entire report from the Tax Ministry here (in Danish).

Number of families with more than one car 2015-2020 (photo: Tax Ministry)