Copenhagen rated most expensive city for top Michelin restaurants

Christian Wenande
September 23rd, 2021

This article is more than 2 years old.

And according to the new report from food magazine Chef’s Pencil, Denmark also tops the charts for countries 

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of dining at a Michelin-star restaurant in Copenhagen, you’ll know the experience can put you out a few coins. 

Well, according to a new report from international food magazine Chef’s Pencil, it will actually be a more expensive endeavour than most places.

The Danish capital was rated as being the most expensive city to eat at a top-rated (two or three-starred) Michelin restaurant.

The report, which looked at the menus of over 450 Michelin-starred restaurants in cities and countries home to at least three top-rated Michelin restaurants, showed that the average price for a tasting menu in Copenhagen neared 450 US dollars (about 2,840 kroner) per person.

“Prepare to shelve $448 for a full tasting menu at one of Copenhagen’s six restaurants with two or three Michelin stars,” wrote Chef’s Pencil.

“Copenhagen is the city with the most Michelin stars in Scandinavia and it’s now considered by some as Europe’s leading culinary destination.”

The news comes a hot on the trail of the release of the 2021 Michelin Guide Nordic Countries on September 13. 

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More Bangkok for your buck
Shanghai came in second place at 406 dollars, followed by Kyoto (401), Singapore (364) and Paris (358), while Stockholm (335), Hong Kong (324), Amsterdam (320), New York and Milan (both 309) completed the top 10. 

Meanwhile, the most affordable cities were Bangkok (173), Lyon (203) and Seoul (213).

It’s perhaps not overly surprising that Denmark also ranked as the most expensive for countries overall. 

Denmark topped the charts at 404 dollars, followed by Singapore, Sweden, Japan and the US, while China, the UK, France, Switzerland and Italy completed the top 10.

Thailand was the most affordable, followed by Ireland, South Korea and Taiwan.

Check out the entire rankings here.

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