Events galore! Christiania turns 50 this weekend

Christian Wenande
September 24th, 2021

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Copenhagen’s iconic freetown celebrates half a century of community, culture and that little bit of mischief in the coming days

Christiania has long been an attraction visitors sniff out when inhaling the sights and sounds of Copenhagen. 

For the uninitiated, the iconic freetown community can be a surreal experience – particularly due to certain ‘items’ that can be obtained and enjoyed outside … Nemoland … for instance. 

Most people have an amusing experience involving Christiania under their belts. And, for sure, there is that ‘greenish’ ingredient baked into most tales of lore. 

But Christiania has always been far more than shady corners and stupendous spliffs since it was established in a squatted military area back in 1971.

And this weekend, when the community celebrates 50 years of existence, it’s magnificent palette of wondrous character and diversity will be on full display.

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A hub of culture and activity
From art, music and dance to performance, food and workshops, Christiania will be absolutely brimming with activity. 

How about an ode to Christiania at Månefiskeren, or a DJ set at Nemoland? Perhaps a party at Loppen or some ninja training at Everland might tickle your fancy?

No? Well maybe what you’re on the hunt for is the fabulous exhibition of Christiania paintings and portraits of residents over the years at Gallopperiet. 

Whatever you might be hankering for, pop down for some birthday cake over the weekend whilst gobbling up a Copenhagen gem at its best.

See here for the entire program of events for the coming days or check out more on their Facebook page.


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