Government ready to usher in corona pass for state workers

And the Epidemic Commission has also been asked to evaluate whether corona pass should be incorporated elsewhere in society

In a press conference earlier today, the health minister, Magnus Heunicke, revealed that the government has brought forth a proposal that will see state workers be required to use the corona pass.

Parliament would need to approve the proposal for it to come into effect.

Furthermore, the government has also asked the Epidemic Commission to evaluate whether the corona pass should be incorporated elsewhere in society.

Heunicke also informed the public that the government is looking into whether to reduce the length of time that a corona pass is valid for unvaccinated people. 

Currently, a negative PCR test functions as a corona pass for the unvaccinated for 96 hours, while a rapid test lasts 72 hours. 

“That’s a long time … several days in fact. We know that the Delta mutation can infect and be passed on to others in that time,” said Heunicke.

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New rapid test centre
In related news, a new massive rapid test centre has opened at Ofelia Plads square in Copenhagen this week. 

The centre has a test capacity of about 12,500 people every day and its opening hours are 08:00-20:00 on weekdays and 10:00-18:00 on weekends.

See other centrally located rapid test centres in Copenhagen in the fact box below.