French right-wing presidential candidate: Denmark a role model

Known as the ‘Donald Trump of France’, Eric Zemmour praised Denmark for how the country has tackled immigration 

Eric Zemmour is quite a controversial figure in France.

Known as the ‘Donald Trump of France’ – a sure indication of a polarising character – the ultra nationalist presidential candidate is known for his anti-Islamic stances and hardline take on immigration.

He also idolises Denmark, apparently. 

In an interview with national broadcaster DR, Zemmour praised the Danish government for its stringent stance on immigration.

“The big people in the small country are defending themselves excellently,” Zemmour told DR Nyheder.

“The Danish social democrats and the Danish left wing has, as opposed to France’s left wing, not abandoned its people.”

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Fourth in the polls
Zemmour commended Denmark for sending back illegal immigrants, limiting social benefits and curbing the access of people with an immigrant background to social housing.

The 63-year-old politician announced his decision to run in the presidential election in November and is currently sitting fourth in the polls with about 12 percent of the votes.

He has three convictions relating to the hate speech of immigrants to his name. In 2014, he wrote the bestselling book ‘The French Suicide’ in which he analyses the impact of immigration on French culture, language and sovereignty.