Danish queen has corona, but symptoms are mild so far

Winter holiday to Norway is accordingly cancelled

Queen Margrethe II, the Danish monarch, has contracted corona, the royal house confirmed this morning.

The queen is 81 and accordingly in an age bracket adjudged to be vulnerable to becoming seriously ill, but so far she has only shown mild symptoms.

Hirtherto, the queen had shown great adherence to the restrictions when conducting affairs of state.

On one occasion last year she turned down the opportunity to fist-bump Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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Winter holiday is cancelled
Like over 60 percent of the population, she has received her booster – at the end of November, to be exact. 

She is isolating in Christian IX’s Palace at Amalienborg.

Plans to today embark on her winter holiday in Norway have been cancelled. 

Both Crown Princess Mary and Prince Christian have also been infected.