Valentine’s Day 2022: Let your face stand out in a crowded place … you’re beautiful, after all!

Ladies, let’s get ready for your Valentine’s Day date! Time to nestle down with your Beauty Editor, for tips galore!

So, you’ve bagged yourself a hot date, or your partner has finally decided they’re going to take you out for a romantic evening. 

Only issue here is you’re not prepared. But worry not. There’s a few simple steps to ensure a fabulous date on Valentine’s Day. 

It’s a whole process, but in essence it’s about giving off the right impression. You want to give off the vibes of being sexy, glamorous and classy.

Sexy underwear

Let’s start with the most important thing. Clean, fresh underwear is a must. Even better if you’re able to buy a new set. Choose what makes you feel sexy. Choose a style and shape that enhances your best assets. There are no specific rules. However, keep in mind what you will be doing on the date. It’s a good idea to choose something appropriate depending on the activities planned.

Dress to impress

The outfit has to be head-turning and mind-blowing! Usually you have an idea of where your date will be taking you – so choose an outfit that you feel comfortable, sexy and sassy in. But remember to dress for your shape – wear something that flatters your figure. You definitely don’t want to be constantly adjusting a short dress that is too small or pulling at straps that keep falling off the shoulder. It’s irritating for you and awkward for the date.

Adventurous hair!

If you’re anything like myself, I prefer my fav hairdresser to come up with some magic to get my style on point for these kinds of special occasions. So book yourself into a hair salon. Even if it’s just for a blow dry.

If you are doing your hair yourself, consider treating your hair with a mask or keratin treatment;  making sure your hair is fully dry before curling or straightening; and not trying excessively complicated styles for the first time before the date.

Location is important

Make sure you know where you are going so that you can dress for the occasion appropriately. While a sexy black dress with killer heels will be a welcomed bonus, it may be a bit awkward if you pull up at an ice skating rink. Ask your date where you’re going and what you should wear.

Clean edges

You should be exercising good oral hygiene in general. There’s nothing like a fresh minty breath and smile to boost you and your date’s confidence. Who knows if there will be some kissing action going on at the end of the date.

And remember to enjoy a luxurious shower or bath. Get yourself relaxed and get into your happy place. It’s a great moment to unwind and mentally prepare yourself. Bad body odour is just a ‘No No’ on any kind of date.

Good quality makeup
The key here is to accentuate your best features to give you the extra sprinkle of confidence needed. Use a good quality base moisturiser, concealer and foundation. Highlight and contour as needed. Don’t forget a spare lipstick for your purse – who knows where the night may be.

Confidence is key!

Exuding confidence on a date is uber attractive. So you’re going to have to figure out a way to box some of your insecurities away for the V-Day date

Remember to know your worth! It makes you less reliant on another person’s approval. If you’re constantly questioning yourself, you’re subconsciously requesting others do the same.

Change your mindset: instead of asking yourself whether your date likes you, ask yourself: Do I like them?

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