Left-wing allies: No more deportations unless there is peace

Refugees who have been granted residence under section 7 paragraph 3 can be deported if there are improvements in their home country.

Denmark has been taking advantage of this of late, sending refugees back to their homeland, even when it is not completely safe – as was the case with many Syrians last year, even though it is not safe enough to reopen a Danish embassy there.

For Enhedslisten, SF, Radikale, Alternativet, and Frie Grønne, there must be changes in the law to protect those who seek refuge in Denmark. They want “fundamental, stable, and lasting changes” in a refugee’s home country before they risk deportation.

The parties hope that the resolution will be on the table next week.

The case of the illegal Afghan refugees
The immigration and integration minister, Mattias Tesfaye, told DR that he agrees with the sentiment of the government’s allies.

At the same time, however, he maintains that illegal Afghan refugees must leave Denmark, even though the country is still in turmoil following the Taliban’s takeover.

The authorities don’t send rejected foreigners back home by force. Instead, they have ‘an obligation’ to leave the country.

If they do not follow the call to leave Denmark on their own, they can be required to stay at a deportation centre.

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