Denmark won’t rule out diplomatic punishment of Russia

PM Mette Frederiksen said today that she could follow Poland’s lead and expel Russian diplomats from the country 

Earlier today, Poland expelled 45 Russian diplomats who were accused of espionage.

During a press conference later in the day, PM Mette Frederiksen said that she wouldn’t rule out following a similar path in relation to the conflict in Ukraine.

“I won’t rule out that we could embrace similar diplomatic tools,” she said. 

Frederiksen said she was focussed on taking steps jointly with the rest of Europe in a co-ordinated effort.

Among those prospective steps are limiting Russian maritime vessels in Danish waters and ushering in more sanctions.

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Big talks in Brussels
The PM once again underlined that the government has ruled out NATO boots on the ground in Ukraine for now, but would rather continue to support Ukraine with arms and equipment. 

The Baltics and Moldova will also require a stronger NATO presence to prevent aggressive Russian maneuvers in these areas. 

All this, she said, would be discussed at a EU summit in Brussels later today.