Dave on a Funky Friday in Forum

Eric Maganga
March 26th, 2022

This article is more than 2 years old.

Fan-favourite Dave showed up to a sold-out Forum Black Box show and it was a very eventful Friday evening.

It was an engaged crowd. Dave spoke directly to the audience about how much Copenhagen meant to him – as it was the site for his first out-of-UK performance. 

Some of the statements he made about loving Denmark and Copenhagen in particular were over the top but this was the most factual one. As he usually does – he let an audience member join him on stage for ‘Thiago Silva’. The lucky prospective rapper was chosen by an audience vote as there were three contenders.

Some of the brightest highlights and loudest crowd responses were for the classics ‘Funky Friday’ and ‘Location’. Both the performer and the listeners were very enthusiastic throughout the night though. 

Immaculate presence
The single most unique moment of the night was when Dave played Kanye West’s ‘Through The Wire’ on piano. He explained this was a song that inspired him and shared how he got into music and playing instruments. 

He even shared that his mother was on the tour with him – what’s not to love about that?

Dave is a real ‘Master of Ceremony’ with an immaculate stage presence and booming vocals. It just seemed that his words were clearer when speaking than when he was rapping to the music.

There was an electric energy and the audience had the ‘Thiago Silva’ chants going one hour before Dave showed up. He really buttered everyone up by saying he’d make sure Copenhagen was on all his tours and he closed the show saying he’d be back.


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