Denmark steps up NATO contributions

Christian Wenande
April 21st, 2022

This article is more than 1 year old.

Parliament has agreed to increase battalion group to 1,000 troops and deploy it to Latvia as per NATO’s wishes 

1,000 strong and headed to Latvia (photo: Forsvaret)

In wake of the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine, Denmark has decided to boost its military contributions to NATO. 

A broad swath of Parliament was in alignment in relation to increasing its battle-ready battalion group in NATO to 1,000 troops.

“With its brutal invasion, Russia has created the greatest security crisis in Europe since WWII. It is essential that Denmark stands with our allies in NATO in terms of protecting our mutual security and safety,” said the foreign minister, Jeppe Kofod.

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Baltics bound
The battalion will be deployed to Latvia as per NATO wishes.

The agreement also gives Denmark the option of providing a frigate and a number of military air contributions – including surveillance aircraft and a mobile air defence radar with operators. 

Moreover, Denmark will also be able to help provide personnel for NATO’s international staff and headquarters. 


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