Denmark no longer top dogs of Digital Quality of Life Index

A tumble in internet affordability has seen the Danes be overtaken by Israel, according to VPN service company Surfshark’s latest rankings

According to VPN service company Surfshark, Denmark can no longer claim to be the best in the world when it comes to the quality of its digital well-being.

The Digital Quality of Life Index, which is a study that ranks 117 countries based on scores in several aspects of digital life, ranked Denmark second behind new leaders Israel.

Looking at the five main pillars of the ranking, Denmark increased its scores for both Internet Quality and Electronic Security compared to last year, but dropped from first to ninth for Internet Affordability. 

“Fixed broadband costs Danish citizens around 97 minutes of their precious working time each month. To afford it, Danes have to work five times more than Israeli citizens, for whom the most affordable package costs only 19 minutes of work monthly,” Surfshark wrote to CPH Post.

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European dominance
After Israel and Denmark, Germany, France and Sweden made up the top five, followed by the Netherlands, Finland, Japan, the UK and South Korea.

Other notables included the US (12th), Norway (17), Canada (26), Russia (42), China (43), Brazil (53), India (59), Mexico (62), Indonesia (72) and Nigeria (86).

Yemen ranked last, preceded by Ethiopia, Mozambique and Cameroon.

Check out the entire rankings here.