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Concert Review: A BLXST at DR 

Eric Maganga
November 7th, 2022

This article is more than 2 years old.


There were post-Halloween tricks and treats served from the westside of the United States.

California R&B standout BLXST (blast) loaded up his crew of UK warm-up acts and kicked off the European leg of the ‘Before You Go’ tour at DR Concert Hall.

It was an enjoyable night only held back by muffled acoustics.

European warmth
There was a very warm welcome for Scribz Riley. He crooned about love and the east side of London.

But the real co-star of the show was BLXST’s backup singer Sheyenne who drew some of the loudest roars on the night from the amped-up Copenhagen crowd.

Midnight joy slightly muffled
The main course kicked off with the joy of midnight. The song ‘Midnight Gang Slide’ brought California to Copenhagen with a chipper BLXST prancing on stage wearing an ungodly assortment of diamonds.

The sound was a little off with very loud instrumentals that BLXST’s vocals couldn’t always overpower. When he came through the speakers clearly it was an absolute deligt.

Till you make it
For ‘Fake Love in LA’, BLXST was seated, turning the intimacy up a notch.

It was a powerful spot in the show and the song was obviously a fan favourite. He went from strength to strength performing poison like he had found the anecdote.


By the time BLXST (and Sheyenne) got to ‘Overrated’, the crowd seemed like fiends for his music. Then he turned it up a level with his Kendrick Lamar collab ‘Die Hard’, where he set his demons straight.

To no-one’s surprise he closed with ‘Chosen’, although he did come out for an encore as well. I liked what I heard: especially when the sound was crisp.


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