Auf wiedersehen! Aldi done in Denmark

Christian Wenande
December 12th, 2022

This article is more than 2 years old.

German discount supermarket is pulling out of the Danish market, with Rema 1000 assuming control of most shops

After spending 45 years in Denmark, ‘alles ist vorbei’ for German discount supermarket Aldi.

It was announced this weekend that Aldi will completely withdraw from the Danish market, with Norwegian outfit Rema 1000 taking over 114 of its 190 locations and three logistics centres. 

“After carefully examining activities in all markets, Aldi Nord has reached the difficult, but necessary decision to leave the Danish market,” said Finn Tang, the head of Aldi in Denmark.

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End of an era
The remaining Aldi shops not being acquired by Rema 1000 will either be sold or close down during 2023.

About 1,600 of Aldi’s about 2,800 employees in Denmark will be transferred to Rema 1000.

“Aldi opened in Denmark in 1977 as the first discount grocery chain and served as inspiration for our owner Odd Reitan when he opened the first Rema in Trondheim in 1979,” said Henrik Burkal, the head of Rema 1000 in Denmark.

“So it is with equal parts humility and pride that we are able to carry the banner forward. The acquisition allows us to establish more Rema 1000 shops with independent Rema merchants in local communities where we are not present today.”


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