District heating prices to rise in Copenhagen

The energy crisis has prompted provider HOFOR to pump up the price by 7 percent starting from the new year

Copenhagen residents can look forward to ushering in the new year with higher district heating prices.

Energy provider HOFOR has announced that from January 1 the price will be increased by 7 percent in response to the energy crisis.

On average, it will cost 7,900 kroner to heat a 80 sqm apartment in Copenhagen in 2023, HOFOR estimates.

But that could increase even further later in the year.

“Even though it’s unfortunate with a price hike, we are pleased we can keep it down to 7 percent – we’ve worked hard to keep the price down,” said Gorm Elikofer, the energy head of HOFOR.

“Usually, we don’t change the price during the year, but that could happen in 2023. The price of fuel constantly changes and often considerably, so we would rather regulate the price several times during the year rather than send big bills to our clients.”

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Keep it at 19 degrees
The good news is that the price of gas will remain the same at the turn of the year.

HOFOR recommends keeping indoor temperatures at 19 degrees to save on energy – typically, consumers save 5 percent on energy consumption with every degree lowered inside.

Check www.hofor.dk/spar-energi to find good tips on how to save on heating.