Swiss could green-light Denmark sending weapons to Ukraine

Christian Wenande
January 25th, 2023

This article is more than 1 year old.

Government committee agreed this week to drop an export ban of Swiss-produced military equipment to Ukraine

Bound for Ukraine soon? (photo: Andre Gustavo Stumpf)

There was jubilation in Kyiv yesterday following the news that Germany has finally agreed to allow countries to donate German-produced Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

Today news has emerged that Denmark could also get a green light to dispatch military equipment to Ukraine … this time from Switzerland. 

A Swiss parliamentary committee has decided to drop an export ban on sending Swiss-produced military equipment to Ukraine, according to TV2 News.

That means that the Danes would be able to donate some of their Piranha III armoured fighting vehicles to the Ukrainians. 

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Swiss no in 2022
Denmark asked the Swiss for permission to dispatch around 20 vehicles already last year – a request the Swiss rejected.

Now the Swiss are contending it should be possible for other countries to re-export Swiss military equipment because it relates to a violation of the international prohibition against the use of force.

The Swiss are reportedly looking into evaluating instances on a case-by-case basis.


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