Denmark’s largest hotdog lives in Odense

Loïc Padovani
February 7th, 2023

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Banjos, also know as Sandhusgrillen, has a new beast on its menu … and you’ll need to bring help to eat it

Over one meter long and weighing in at a formidable two kilos plus.

Denmark’s largest and longest hotdog saw the light of day at Odense grill bar Banjos – also know as Sandhusgrillen – last Saturday.

It’s a new national record that required three years of development and lots of sweat and tears by butcher and baker alike.

“We’ve always been a bit unconventional at Banjos. It’s mainly about making people happy. There have been smiles on everyone’s faces today, and that is enough payment in itself,” owner Søren Bersang Rasmussen, told TV2.

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Only on special occasions
They day the new beast of a hotdog made its debut, eight brave men had the will to devour it in its entirety – sausage, bread, cucumber salad and remoulade – in a ten minute race.

Each participant could be helped by an assistant, who held the other end of their ‘pølse’.

Following the ten minutes, the winner was Dennis Hammershøi from Otterup, who practically inhaled the immsense lump of food.

The impressively-sized hotdog will only be available on special occasions, at a fee of 325 kroner … which is slightly more pricey that the 42 kroner that regular Banjos hotdogs go for.

Check out more photos of the event here.


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