Maersk smashes Danish profit record 

Christian Wenande
February 8th, 2023

This article is more than 1 year old.

2022 ended up being a historic year for the Danish shipping giant, which saw a surplus of 203 billion kroner 

The sun set on a fantastic year for Maersk (photo: Maersk)

With conflict, inflation and steep energy prices permeating every fabric of 2022, the year probably won’t go down as one of the best in history.

But that may not be the case for Danish shipping giant Maersk, which enjoyed a record-breaking financial result.

Maersk showed profits totalling 203 billion kroner in 2022 – the biggest profit a Danish company has ever posted. In doing so, the company beat its own 117.5 billion kroner record from 2021.

“2022 was remarkable in more than one way. While we report the best financial result in the history of the company, we have also taken the partnerships with our customers to a new level by supporting their supply chains end to end during highly disruptive times,” said Maersk CEO, Vincent Clerc.

“Our commitment to provide visibility and truly integrated logistics solutions continue to resonate strongly with our customers for whom it is a strategic imperative to make their supply chains more resilient and sustainable.”

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Less optimistic for 2023
Among the reasons for the success are an increased demand in the wake of the Corona Crisis and supply chaos on congested global shipping lanes.

Maersk is looking to savor the flavour, because it doesn’t expect 2023 to continue in the same steep upward trajectory.

With experts predicting an economic downturn on the horizon, Clerc said the firm faced “a year with challenging macro-outlook and new types of uncertainties for our customers”.

To this end, Maersk expects to land somewhere on par with 2020, when it generated profit of around 20 billion kroner.

Clerc only recently became the first foreign CEO of Maersk, taking over from retiring Søren Skou in December.


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