Maersk to be headed by non-Dane for first time in history

Christian Wenande
December 13th, 2022

This article is more than 2 years old.

Following Søren Skou’s retirement at the end of the year, Swiss-born Vincent Clerc will assume the reins of shipping giant

Since Danish shipping giant Maersk was founded back in 1904, a Dane has always been at its helm … until now.

When current head Søren Skou retires at the end of 2022, a foreigner will head the company for the first time in 118 years when Vincent Clerc takes over as CEO.

The Swiss-born Clerc, 50, has served as the head of Maersk Ocean & Logistics since 2019 for Denmark’s biggest firm according to turnover.

“He [Clerc] has been a pivotal leader for Maersk’s transformation, demonstrating great strategic acumen, an ability to execute complex plans and deliver long-term shareholder value through compelling customer solutions,” said Maersk’s chair Robert M Uggla.

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Has the Maersk DNA
Clerc is certainly no stranger to Maersk, having worked in the company since 1997, when he landed a job at Maersk Lines in Copenhagen.

Since then, he has worked his way up the company ladder via positions in the US before returning to the Danish capital in a leadership role.

“I am thrilled by the trust the board is showing by giving me the opportunity to lead the next stages of our transformation. It is a privilege for me to lead a company with such a long heritage, strong values, and tremendous potential,” said Clerc.


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