Early indicators suggest Danish economy flourished in 2022

A fantastic second half of the year for industry helped grow Denmark’s GDP by 3.4 percent last year 

According to figures from Danmarks Statistik, the Danish economy looks to have flourished in 2022, despite inflation and the War in Ukraine.

Early indicators based on figures from the fourth quarter of 2022 suggests that Denmark’s GDP grew by 3.4 percent for the year and 1.1 percent in the year’s final three months.

By comparison, the EU saw zero growth for the final quarter of 2022, while it was at 0.7 percent for the US.

“The sharp GDP rise stems mostly from the industry, more specifically the medicinal industry. Transport and culture & leisure also contributed positively to the GDP growth,” wrote Danmarks Statistik.

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Complete figures on February 28
The figures revealed that several sectors saw a downturn, especially within the realm of trade, finance and insurance.

Danmarks Statistik will reveal more comprehensive national accounts on February 28 and revisions to those figures will be made in the weeks following.

The news comes just days after shipping giant Maersk smashed the national record in terms of profit.