Storm Otto to impact Copenhagen traffic today

Christian Wenande
February 17th, 2023

This article is more than 1 year old.

The capital looks to miss out on the worst of it, but public encouraged to be aware of storm development and increased travel times by train

Yes, keep hold of that umbrella! (photo: Pixabay)

The storm Otto is set to give northern Jutland a good go of it this evening, with meteorologists predicting hurricane-force winds and flooding potential.

And while Copenhagen is predicted to miss out on the weather shenanigans, residents are encouraged to keep an eye out on developments.

One aspect that will be impacted is train travel, as national rail operator DSB has warned that it will run at a reduced timetable with winds expected to reach upwards of 30 m/s.

After 17:00, trains will run at reduced frequency and lower speeds due to safety precautions. This is expected to lead to extended travel times.

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Lines E and H axed
For instance, Lines E and H won’t be in operation after 18:00, while Line A between Hillerød and Køge and Line C between Frederikssund and Klampenborg will run every 20 minutes when possible.

Line B will run every 10 minutes and Line F will operate as per usual.

Jens Lindskjold, a meteorologist with national weather forecasters DMI, urged residents to exercise caution as the evening progresses.

“Make sure to tie down loose objects, because they can pose a danger if they begin flying about in the wind,” he told local media outlet, KøbenhavnLIV.

“You can keep abreast of storm developments on the Police Twitter account or listen to updates on the radio every hour.

The stern winds are expected to hit Copenhagen around 18:00 and continue until after midnight before subsiding.


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