Snow way! Winter not quite done with us yet

Christian Wenande
March 3rd, 2023

Temperatures look poised to nosedive over the weekend and there is a risk of considerable snowfall nationwide next week

The landscape may make a return next week (photo: Pixabay)

Following a period of warmer weather with lots of sunshine, winter is set to descend upon Denmark again in the coming days.

Friday will largely reflect previous spring-like days, with temperatures sniffing around double figures. But from Saturday, winter will rear its head once again.

A cold front from the north is forecast to move in, bringing cooler temperatures, more wind and possibly even some snow. With the wind chill, daytime temperatures will feel close to freezing.

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10cm of snow!
Following the weekend, the wintery developments will become even more pronounced with a low-pressure system moving in on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Weather predictions suggest this could lead to significant snowfall (over 10cm) nationwide.

According to DMI, temperatures look set to remain just above freezing during the day throughout next week and dip well into the minus degrees at night. 

So no need to bring out the garden furniture just yet.


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