How much tax are you getting back? 

Christian Wenande
March 13th, 2023

The Skat tax authority has released its annual personal tax assessment notice today and queues were formidable for those wanting an early peek

It’s currently about a 15-20 minute wait to log in (photo: screenshot)

MIllions of people in Denmark queued up online over the weekend to check whether they got taxes back for last year.

Even though the Skattestyrelsen tax authority only officially released its annual personal tax assessment notice ‘Årsopgørelse’ today, over three million people had logged in to Skat.dk for an early check since Friday.

There are many aspects that relate to the Årsopgørelse and it’s important to log in and help Skat get it right.

Unsure about how to access your account? Log in at www.tastselv.skat.dk and use your NemID/MitID to check your details. 

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May 1 deadline for changes
Once in, users are able to make changes to their Årsopgørelse up until May 1 – something that about 750,000 people have already done despite it only being available since Friday.

Skattestyrelsen revealed yesterday that the changes the public has been particularly interested in are:

– ‘Kørselsfradrag‘: the deduction for travel between home and work.

– ‘Servicefradrag‘: the deduction for certain services (like cleaning, gardening and minding children) that are performed at home.

– ‘Rejseudgifter‘: the travel expense deduction relating to working away from home.

Currently, the wait to log in is about 15-20 minutes.

Read more about the Årsopgørelse tax assessment notice here (in English).


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