Parliament approves billion-kroner Ukraine Fund

Christian Wenande
March 15th, 2023

Move underscores Denmark’s continued dedication to being one of the countries most supporting Ukraine, relative to size 

The vast majority of Parliament agreed today to establish a billion-kroner Ukraine Fund in 2023.

Dedicated to fulfilling Ukraine’s needs in relation to military, civil and business aid, the initiative underlines the government’s ambition for Denmark to remain among the countries most supporting Ukraine, relative to size.

“We stand at a historic crossroads. The Ukrainians are not only fighting for their freedom, but for the security of the whole of Europe. With the Ukraine Fund, we are taking Danish support for Ukraine to a new level,” said the foreign minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

“Importantly, this includes trade support. Danish companies can supply much of what Ukraine needs, including drinking water, district heating and food. Therefore, we must intensify our efforts.”

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Arms, business and rebuilding
Along with the government, opposition parties on both sides of the isle – SF, Danmarksdemokraterne, Liberal Alliance, Konservative, Radikale, Dansk Folkeparti and Nye Borgerlige – signed the accord.

The overall framework will encompass 7 billion kroner for 2023 alone, while funds will also be earmarked for 2024-27 to help cover expenses associated with replenishment following military donations in 2022 and 2023.

More specifically, 5.4 billion kroner will go to militarily support Ukraine in regards to weapons, equipment and training.

An additional 1.2 billion kroner has been set aside for humanitarian efforts and long-term rebuilding, while another 0.4 billion will go to Danish companies supporting those and other business development initiatives.


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